We are a Michigan based–no, Michigan centric, creative agency who helps you or your company expand its horizons on all digital platforms. Okay so what is it that we actually do? Well to start, we don’t do open heart surgery, integrated plastics moulding, lock picking, chiropractic care and/or plumbing. Instead, we specialize in delivering your digital products across the web, Film your special events, design stellar Websites, Graphically Design, Produce your Podcast, and most importantly, what we have a passion for is to help you bring your ideas to life.

Our Clients

A tale of love and loss through the eyes of a view master toy. Shot on a shoe string budget with the amazing team from Dark Forest Media comes Viewer. It is part horror movie, part coming of age story, and completely totally strange. An official selection of the 2017 North by Midwest Film Festival.

In a mysterious patisserie, pastry chef Dulcia sells quick fixes and solutions to an array of problems. Written by Robert J. Lee as a writing exersise on his website twopagesaweek.com. This is the first official To Shibalba produced project. Bounty was a plenty, winning the BSFF 15’ most original film award!

In the age of ever changing technology, Jim just wants to cook his family a real turkey. “The Turkey” was originally written by A.V. Brown in 1994 as a short story for a comic series he was developing with his cousin. The remake of the film begged for more modern and dire circumstances. Killer Turkeys and Technology addiction (scratches head). We say just watch it.

Achatz Handmade Pie Company is a Michigan Company that started small and now is growing exponentially.  If you live in the Metro Detroit Area you may have crashed Grandmas party with a pie that’s better than hers! We filmed a set of training videos for Achatz to send out to their new franchise stores.

Video Production
Web Developement
Creative Screenwriting




We have been writing, directing and producing our own original narrative content for years now, alongside with creating wonderful branded content tailor-made for our clients.

Creating an online presence for your business is a tedious process that we have streamlined. Helping small businesses have an easy way for their customers to find and contact them.

Standard templates that come with your productivity programs shouldn’t be the way you design your postcards you send to your customers, we can help design something stunning that will catch peoples eye.


I (A.V. Brown) inspire to create film, and spread love through the form of film. I have been writing short stories since I was 7, and I seek to continue this process. I’m a graduate of Wayne State’s  great Film Program!

I’m Tyler, Michigan born; a Designer of all things & Filmmaker by passion. I venture to find a harmonious balance between functionality in design and aesthetics. I am also a part-time Foodie and dreamer.

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